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Telecommunication system and Communication House put into operation in Kangarli region – PHOTO

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated that information and communication technologies are a priority area: “The field of information and communication technologies will play a decisive role for the successful and sustainable development of any country. I am very glad that we are carrying out all work in this direction in a planned and purposeful manner. “

Today, the autonomous republic is taking consistent measures to develop communications and new technologies. The settlements have been completely telephoned, modern communication systems have been installed, and high-speed Internet access has been provided. As a continuation of these measures, a telecommunication system and a new Communication House were put into operation on December 8 in Kangarli district.

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that as a continuation of these measures, a telecommunication system and a Communication House were put into operation on December 8 in Kangarli district.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov attended the event.

The Minister of Communications and New Technologies of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vusal Sevdimaliyev said that the socio-economic development achieved in the autonomous republic also covered the field of communications and new technologies. In order to provide exemplary communication services to the population, specific tasks have been identified, as a result of investment in the communications sector, existing automatic telephone exchanges have been replaced by new communication systems that meet modern requirements, even in the most remote mountain villages. At present, 70,585 subscribers use automatic telephone exchanges with a capacity of 95,128 subscribers in the autonomous republic. At the same time, 195 or 91% of the 214 automatic telephone exchanges in operation are based on new generation technologies. 39,203 subscribers are broadband Internet users. Today, the autonomous republic has a fully uninterrupted telecommunications system. Bilateral access to Nakhchivan’s international transavational fiber-optic highways has been provided. Large-scale telecommunication networks based on fiber-optic cable lines allow the organization of e-services in e-government, banking, finance, taxation, education, health and other areas. At present, the Autonomous Republic has four-way access to the global Internet, all settlements are provided with broadband fixed and 4th generation mobile internet services. Vusal Sevdimaliyev thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly on behalf of all communications workers for the created conditions.

Employee of the Communication Department of Kangarli region Gasimov Emil thanked on behalf of the communicators and residents of the region and said: “The construction work carried out in the Autonomous Republic improves the living standards of people day by day. Our team has never been provided with modern and comfortable working conditions. All conditions have been created here to provide exemplary postal and communication services to the residents. Both the construction and commissioning of the building and the construction of new generation telecommunications systems are a clear example of the care shown to the development of communications in our region. People will use the most modern communication services in all settlements of Kangarli region. This is a clear proof of the value given to the human factor. “

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov said: Today is a significant day in the life of Kangarli region. A new building is being commissioned for the Communication House. Kangarli district consists of 1 settlement and 10 villages. About 33,000 people live in the district. 12 automatic telephone exchanges with a capacity of about 4550 numbers have been installed to provide communication services to the population. Today, about 4,400 people use landlines and about 2,000 use the Internet. Mobile operators Naxtel, Azercell, Bakcell and Azerfon operate in the region, and all segments of the population are provided with both landline and mobile phone services. This allows the population to keep abreast of developments in the world and in the country, as well as to keep in touch with each other.

“The organization of communication and postal services is one of the main indicators of the overall development of the region,” he said. One of the most sought after areas is communication and postal services. Taking all this into account, the construction of a communication and postal network was started in the area when the district was established, and today the work has been successfully completed with the commissioning of a new Communication House. In the past period, 52 specialists were trained in the region, 32 of them in communication and 20 in post offices. Training in this area is an important issue. Because today new technologies are applied in all areas. If they are not built and managed by local specialists, there will be some difficulties in the operation of these technologies in the future. Laying and connection of optical cables in the Autonomous Republic, installation of modern communication systems, application of new technologies are carried out by local specialists. This is a successful achievement and allows the facilities to be used for a long time. As a result of the work done, there is high-speed Internet access everywhere in the autonomous republic, from the most remote villages to urban centres.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly wished the staff success in their activities, gave instructions on the exemplary organization of communication and postal services, the effective use of the created conditions.

Then the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly got acquainted with the conditions created in the building. It was reported that the Kangarli District Communication Department, Naxtel customer service, Kangarli District branch of Nakhchivanpost public legal entity are located in the Communication House, which consists of 4 floors with a basement. Kangarli District Communication Department 6, “Nakhchivanpost” Public Legal Entity’s regional branch was equipped with 12 computers, a warehouse and garage were built in the yard, a generator was installed.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly launched the Kangarli district telecommunication system.

It was noted that 12 automatic telephone exchanges were installed in the region and all settlements were telephoned. Communication service will be provided to 167 subscribers and broadband internet service to 78 subscribers through the central automatic telephone exchange number 352 located in the newly built Communication House. There are also 7 base stations of Kangarli region covering all settlements of the 4th generation Naxtel mobile operator, as well as base stations of Azercell, Bakcell and Azerfon mobile operators.

The Kangarli branch of Nakhchivanpost Public Legal Entity consists of 12 post offices. All post offices equipped with modern buildings have been computerized and POS-terminals have been installed. In addition to traditional services, post offices pay utility bills, insurance and membership fees, state traffic police fines, municipal fees and loans, and distribute pensions and social benefits. In addition, the post offices provide delivery of lost items to the owner and Naxtel customer service.

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