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It is an architectural monument of the XVII century over the river Gilanchay, in the village of Aza, Ordubad region. The width of the bridge which connects the Aza village with the village of Darkandi, is 3,5m and the length is 46 pagonameters. It is five spanned. The Aza bridge situated on the very important trade-caravan route and connecting India and China with the Black Sea coasts and European countries was constructed in the reign of Shah Abbas the First, the ruler of the Safavids, (1587-1629) to simplify the works of the trade caravans moving by the Big Silk Road from East to West and the opposite routes, respectively. By means of the trade caravans passing from here, mainly local products, of which dry fruits, the handicraft objects, and silk were exported. The bridge was several times destroyed as a result of natural calamities and some historical events, but later it was restored. Because of strong flooding and as a result of which, a part of it was washed away the bridge was capitally restored and reconstructed in 1997. Today the people going from Nakhchivan and Ordubad to Azadkand and even the transport make use of this bridge.

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