Tuesday , 11 May 2021

The coming period will be a new stage of economic growth

The results of 2020, full of modern socio-economic development and historical victories of our country, show that the coming period will be more successful in all areas. After the surrender of the aggressor Armenian state at the end of the 44-day historical war on November 10 last year, the large-scale construction work that has already begun in the ancient Azerbaijani land of Karabakh will lay the foundation for a new stage for the welfare of not only our country but the region. At this stage, our native Nakhchivan will attract more attention with its economic potential and extensive creative experience. In particular, as President Ilham Aliyev noted at the video conference on the results of 2020, the opening of the main communications connecting Nakhchivan with the main part of Azerbaijan will be very important in the future.

One of the factors creating the basis for further growth of business activity in our country and in the economic and cultural life of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for the coming period is the weakening of the crisis pandemic for the world economy and the transition to a new stage in the application of modern technologies. As a result of the rapid introduction of remote control models into our lives, concepts such as efficiency and rationality have already acquired a new meaning in the economy. At a time when common quality standards such as speed, comfort, safety and ergonomics are on the rise, broader prospects and favourable market opportunities in economic life await us in the coming period to meet these needs of all members of society. If we approach the principle of cause-and-effect relations, it is possible to voice these views more realistically in our autonomous republic based on the results of previous years, especially 2020. Thus, despite the negative effects of the pandemic in 2020, the gross domestic product in the autonomous republic increased by 1.1 percent compared to the same period last year and amounted to about 2 billion 908 million manat. Its volume per capita amounted to 6,310 manat, which is 1.8 percent more than in 2019. In 2020, the volume of industrial output in the autonomous republic increased to 1 billion 40 million 475 thousand manat, and the volume of agricultural products exceeded 537 million manat. Today, the autonomous republic produces 384 types of products, and the demand for 350 types of products is met entirely by local production. Yes, time has shown that even in the most difficult situations, the establishment of stability that ensures positive dynamics of economic growth, reliable operation of the banking sector, complementary integrative relations between the leading sectors of the economy and, most importantly, never lose hope for the future is one of the underlying factors. One of the factors determining the sustainable development of Nakhchivan’s economy in the coming period is the production of high-quality products based on local raw materials, which are in great demand in the domestic market, as well as in export markets. Thanks to such production opportunities, food security is fully ensured in the autonomous republic today, and products that meet world standards are exported abroad. The experience gained in 2020, which was declared the “Year of Export”, as well as the continuation of work in this direction this year will be one of the factors driving the further development of Nakhchivan’s economy. Establishing a new communication link with the main part of our country will create ample opportunities for more profitable and faster export of Nakhchivan products. Outside our country, high-quality organic Nakhchivan products, which have traditionally won the sympathy of elite buyers – mineral waters, fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, pastries and bakery products, honey, jams and fruit juices – will find more buyers. In addition, Nakhchivan beer, other wines and alcoholic beverages produced in the autonomous republic in accordance with high standards and consumed by tourists traveling to the region will be exported to the regions of the country without any obstacles. The export of travertine, marble and other construction materials, which are rich in raw materials of Nakhchivan and are processed at the level of high world standards and widely used in today’s construction work, will create new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the future.

    The Autonomous Republic has passed an important stage in the construction of production, market and social infrastructure in the past, and is now setting new goals for the application of high technologies and the export of innovative products to the world. The real work done to provide direct access to the highly developed brotherly Republic of Turkey, the growing intellectual youth, the creation of the Sharur Industrial Park and the Technopark at Nakhchivan State University put the prospects of turning Nakhchivan into the “Silicon Valley” of the South Caucasus. The complete renewal of the educational infrastructure in the Autonomous Republic and the large-scale measures taken in the application of computer-internet technologies will also be an important support in achieving these goals.

Sustainable energy supply is one of the most important conditions for economic development and social life. Thanks to the measures taken in this area, a reliable energy supply system has been established in the autonomous republic, and the use of alternative and renewable energy sources has been set as a key priority in accordance with the challenges of modern times. Today, the construction of the largest such power infrastructure in the South Caucasus in Nakhchivan is an important indicator of the image of a reliable partner and investment attractiveness of the autonomous republic.

The work done in recent years in the field of environmental protection has created a basis for maintaining favourable environmental conditions in the autonomous republic. This, in turn, will be an important support to further increase the weight of our region in the field of public health and health tourism. Tourism, as noted by the President, will be one of the most important areas for our country, which ended 2020 with victory, to continue its success in the new year. Heads of state, government, cultural figures and all good people who will come to Shusha, the capital of culture of our country, will soon remember the glorious mission of Nakhchivan as the Capital of Islamic Culture. They will see once again that Azerbaijan has not given up and that the South Caucasus is a country that has chosen the true path of development. Comfortable trips directly from Nakhchivan by tourist buses on Nakhchivan-Zangilan-Shusha and vice versa on Fuzuli-Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf tourist routes will be a real dream of all Azerbaijanis. . The realization of this will serve the lasting peace in the region, which is necessary for everyone, and which we have achieved as a result of the military and political determination of our President.

Author: Ali CABBAROV

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