Sunday , 9 May 2021


In opening to the world of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic communication and information technology development plays an İMPORTANT role. Last years in the direction of development of this site some measures were implemented and Nakhchivan had achieved to liquidate completely exsisting information blockode. From 1995 four mobile communication opera tors activity were organized, internet service was formed, all exsisting coordinat tupe automatic phone stations were changed into electron type automatic phone stations, all the towns and villages were telephoned.
As a result of implemented measures the volume of information and communication service in comparison with 1995 increased 109.6 times in 2014. The number of telephone apparatus in every 100 family was 29 in 1995, but due to official statistics data this parameter was 71 on 2014.
During past period telecommunication network of autonomous republic had connected with international Trans-Asia-Europe fibreoptic cabel main, transit telecommunication chances of Nakhchivan were set up for the first time. The optic digital network on Nakhchivan-Ordubad, Nakhchivan-Sadarak, Nakhchivan- Sahbuz formed on İMPORTANT condition for implementation of electron and wide-stripy services. Nowadays 87,3 per cent of existing telecommunication network of the autonomous republic was joined to optic network. Broadening of optic network had given a chance to make optic cabel in houses. From August 2012 execution of project “Optics till house” started. Besides it in order to provide alternativity of telecommunication connection in the direction of Nakhchivan-Turkey-Georgia-Baku Communication connects on optic cabel were formed in the direction of Nakhchivan-Iran-Baku a new STM-16 level telecommunication connection was organized.
RENEW of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic telecommunication system had always kept in attention, the third telecommunication service NGN eguipment surrounding Nakhchivan, Babak, Nehram, Yarımja, Sadarak regions was put into use, telecommunication network telephone numbers of autonomous republic had passed to seven fiqure number plan. It is the result of measures taken this direction, that the speed of internet in autonomous republic was increased, 86 per cent of computers at comprehensive schools were connectied with internet, internet service tariff was fallen. Due to statistics in 1 January 2016 98 per cent of area of autonomous republic uses wireless string internet, 83 per cent uses wide stripy internet service.