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Diversified development of economy ensured in Nakhchivan, and social infrastructure strengthened- Photo

The State Program on social-economic development of Autonomous republic is being successfully implemented

    Execution of wide range infrastructural projects, developing the  communal services , strengthening the material and technical base in the every fields and improving prosperity of people are being continued. In this way “The program of development on social economic in 2019-2023 in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic“ approved by the Decree dated March 29, 2019 by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  has an important role

        Among the sectors that form the basis of the economy in Nakhchivan, agriculture has a significant share. The tasks set in the State Program for the development of the agricultural sector are important.

Work in this direction continued in the second quarter. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic took part in the voluntary works and gave instructions on planting orchards and maintenance of greenery in accordance to the season. In April-June, in total  43.6 hectares of new orchards were planted in the autonomous republic, including 6.2 hectares of vineyards, 40.6 hectares fruit seedlings yard were restored ,40 thousand 132 different types of fruit seedlings and 8,845 grape bushes were put into cultivation.

100 units of equipment were sold in preferential terms

   The improvement of water supply is one of the important factors affecting productivity in the agricultural sector for the irrigation of the lands.

    On April 23, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov visited the liberated territories in the Sadarak region and inquired about the works done. On May 21, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly reviewed the newly purchased agricultural machinery and gave his orders on their effective use. In general, in the second quarter, “Nakhchivan Agroleasing” Open Joint-Stock Company purchased 81 different machinery and technological equipment and created reserves, 100 equipment was sold in preferential terms.

     Topographic plan of 270 hectares of land for construction of closed irrigation network in Shahbuz region prepared for expansion of irrigable lands. Also, topographic planning works were carried out on 1190 hectares of land covered by the irrigation line being fed from Gilanchay.

     The insurance in the agricultural sector were also taken into account. 114 head of cattle, 260 small ruminants and 30 bee families were insured.

      In the second quarter, the irrigation of 168.7 hectares of land in the autonomous republic was improved.

At the same time, 1 artesian well was drilled and put into use in Jalilkend of Sharur region and 3 in Heydarabad settlement of Sadarak region.

In the second quarter of this year, 1 poultry farm and 11 livestock farms were established with the financial support of the state.

   In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as in all areas of the agricultural sector, the development of livestock and poultry farms are provided with state support. This leads to an increase in the number of these farms every season. In the second quarter, 1 poultry farm, 11 livestock farms were established and 9 livestock farms were expanded due to state financial support. Also, the establishment of 2 poultry farms, 8 livestock farms, expansion of 2 livestock farms, reconstruction of 1 livestock and 1 poultry farm was continued.

  In April-June, the software that will ensure the operation of the land cadastre information system was tested in a trial mode. The register information on Shahbuz, Mahmudoba, Salasuz and Turkesh municipalities of Shahbuz region has been transferred to the new maps, and the data entry on the municipalities of Sharur region has been completed.

Successful results of development and construction policy

   On April 9, by the participation of Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov, a new complex for “Barakat Seed Production” Limited Liability Company was put into operation in Nakhchivan and “Badamli” Mineral Water Plant in Badamli settlement of Shahbuz region on May 22. On May 18, the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly took part in the opening ceremony of a high school in Muganjig-Mehrab village, an ambulatory care in Mammadsabir village, service and village centers in both villages, Garkhun-Muganjig-Mehrab-Mammadsabir village highway. Repair and reconstruction work was continued in cultural facilities. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly inquired about the completed restoration works on April 15 in the tomb of Yusif Kuseyir oglu, on May 5 in the Nakhchivan city ice house, and on May 27 in the Eastern bath in Shahtakhti village of Kangarli region.

 In accordance with the implementation of the program in the second quarter, repair and reconstruction of educational and cultural facilities are underway. Repairs in the buildings of Nakhchivan State University’s Library, Architecture and Engineering, Conservatory, International Relations and Law faculties, Master’s Center, Sharur district Technical Vocational and Driving School, Physics and Mathematics oriented school , lyceum, Nakhchivan City Flag Square, Pirgamish Mosque, Palace of Culture in Babek District, “Ashabi-Kahf” Religious-Cultural Monument Complex, Alinja Fortress and “Nakhchivan” monument  on the way to Nakhchivan International Airport were finished.

     Along with the restoration of cultural objects, the development of traditional folk art was also in the focus of attention. A carpet with national patterns was woven at the Nakhchivan State Carpet Museum

95 handicrafts worth 809 manat were sold in the “Sales center of applied arts and paintings, various types of printed materials related to our history and culture.”

The state support for the economical development of small and medium businesses is a part of a successful economic policy

     State care for small and medium businesses in Nakhchivan is a part of a successful economic policy. The state program also envisages the provision of soft loans in this area and the expansion of export activities. In order to expand the export activities of business entities in the second quarter, export incentives in the amount of more than 13,000 manat were provided for 7 export operations

   The expense of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund to finance 21 projects on preferential terms in the amount of 3 million 390 thousand manat, and banks provided loans in the amount of 1 million 845 thousand 450 manat for small and medium businesses. The Entrepreneurship Development Fund provided 13,000 manat for 2 projects to establish small-scale processing businesses in villages, and 106,100 manat for the financing of 7 projects to establish apiculture and breeding farms.

    The implementation of the State Program will be strengthened by the development of the economy and social infrastructure in the autonomous republic.

Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

The news based on the official information of Nakhchivan Bureau of AZERTAC

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