Sunday , 9 May 2021

The \”Flaky Pastry \”Festival will be held in Nakchivan

The "Flaky Pastry "Festival will be held in Nakchivan

Naxcivan reports that:The Organisator of \”Flaky Pastry\”Festival which will be held in 8-9 April in \”Nakchivan Qala\” in Historical Architectural Complex isThe Ministry of Economy andThe Ministry of Culture and Tourism .

The Opening of Festival will be at 12:00. At Festival will be selling of \”Flaky Pastry\” made by Economical-Catering location which act in Autonomous Republic and by legal and physical person who deal in product such kind of Flaky pastries.

During the Festival will be the performances of Music and Dance ensemble of Nakchivan State Philarmony, the \”Old musical instrument \”and \”Ganjlik\” ensemble of Music College, \”Shalala\”instrumental ensemble of Nakchivan state Culture and Tourism department ,the Ashiks of Ashiks community and \”Sharur\” folk dance ensemble. Helding the Flaky pastry Festival learned the formulating our cuisine culture from centuries and along with its definition take it to the future generation too.Flaky pastry belongs to the Azerbaijan cuisine. Followed to the rule of preparing Flaky pastry from ancient time till today made such kind of pastries as like as \”melon pastry\”,\”nut pastry\”\”sweet pastry\”, \”green pastry\”\”lentil pastry\”and so on.

We note that during 2016 year in \”Nakchivan Qala\” held some festivals as “ Creatable hands”, “Plum”, “Talanted children ”, “Plov”, “Yallı”, “Nakchivan bread”, “Honey food – Honey”

Festival will be held in 8 april from 12:00 till 17:00 and 9 april from 11:00 till 17:00
Translator;Rzayeva Narmin

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