Tuesday , 11 May 2021


It is a historical architectural monument built over the Alinjachay, to the South of Gazanchi village, Julfa region. The bridge is popular as “Gozbel Korpu” among local people. The bridge was built in the Eastern architectural style in XVI-XVII centuries. Before, by this bridge, which served the Silk Road, the caravan ways stretching from Gazanchi toward the east direction and joining with the key way in Ordubad territory passed. Though the bridge in comparison remained good, but it is unfit for transport. Despite of this, it is said to be one of the best examples of a one spanned bridges of Azerbaijan. The width of the bridge is 3.55m, the length is 10.85m, and the height is 8.8m. Gazanchi Bridge was restored under the instruction of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly. The merging part of the bridge from the north side has been restored by keeping the originality, resulting in the length of the bridge reaching 50 meters. Nearly 120 meters of coastal work has been done around it, 50 meters reinforced concrete retaining wall was built and covered with stones.

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