Wednesday , 12 May 2021

The grave of Noah made Nakchivan draw attention of tourists.

The grave of Noah made Nakchivan draw attention of tourists. All religious objects in the Autonomous Republic are visited by religious people as holy places in the different religious ceremony and celebration. A lot of pilgrims visit this holy place from different Islamic countries and the regions of Azerbaijan. The centre of pilgrimage of Nakchivan Autonomous Republic is considered \”Ashabi-Kahv\”. Every day this religious complex is visited by hundred pilgrims and is made sacrifices in the way of God. Hearts and sacred places are considered as a point of consolation of faithful prople. According to the information, the number of tourists visiting the religious objects of Nakchivan Autonomous Republic increases fastly years by years. At the same time, giving a special attention by the state to this objects creates great oppourtunities for using of them for tourism. Lately, the construction works in the autonomous republic, reconstruction of infrastructure and communication system more increased these opportunities. Also, the finding of the grave of Noah in Nakchivan city and the erection of tomb on the grave with the initiative of republican leadership can be considered as a great event. All of them prove the promising of the development of religious tourism in the republic. Summarizing the above mentioned, we can say that the organization of special tourist car which covers available religious objects with the aim of improving and organization if religious tourism in the NAR would be better. This tourism route would give an opportunity to the pilgrims become more acquainted with all religious objects, to attract more tourists flow to this area. At the same time, the operating of tourism route can cause of opening new work places, the eliminating partially unemployment and can be considered as a part of state policy related to the social-economic development of the region.
Translator:Nagdeliyeva Narmin

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