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“The Great Address I am Proud of – Nakhchivan”

I must say from the beginning that when I met Faraj, he had already proved himself in Nakhchivan and in whole Azerbaijan with his signature and personality. And this correspondence acquaintance took place one day, with the help of people of words. Among these people there  are Asim Yadigar, Abulfaz Ulvi, Ibrahim Yusifoglu, Adil Jamil and our valuable writers and poets, whose names are native to me. In other words, thanks these people, I knew Faraj Muallim, and became a close friend. This friendship continued and strengthened during our visits to Nakhchivan, our meetings in Baku, as well as our telephone conversations. Of course, the service of Malik Farajoglu, who was distinguished by his morals and respect for elders, was undeniable. And …

I have read almost all of Faraj’s books. Particularly, his autograph reminds me of my father’s life

. To be honest, in that autobiographical work written by Faraj Muallim as a writer-publicist, the influence of journalism could not be denied.

Thus, this man, who dedicated his life to the press, not only recorded what he saw and observed, but also wrote it down. It has earned the right to eternal life by turning into works and articles. I spoke to Faraj on the phone in late July, Faraj said that his new book had been published and that he would send it to me. When Faraj, who was always true to his word, and picked up the autographed book from the post office, I was once again amazed at its accuracy and neatness. 

The autograph was so neat and heartfelt that I could not help but read it several times. Faraj Muallim’s new book is called “The Great Address I Am Proud of – Nakhchivan”.

It consists of poems poetries and stories. – I put aside the idea that it is ordinary literature. There is a truth in these poems. It was the author’s inexhaustible love for Nakhchivan, every inch of it, for Azerbaijan as a whole. As you read, you understand and believe that the author was the moth of Nakhchivan. He is admired by  mountain, stone, tree, road, water.air and people of Nakhchivan . Here I bow my head front  of Faraj Muallim’s love of country.  I believed in the truth of  these poems . I was convinced that these ideas came from his inside  . Faraj Farajovv quietly declares that he considers himself a soldier of the country.

 The themes of the stories in the book “The Great Address I Am Proud of – Nakhchivan” were experienced and taken from life. This was my opinion as a reader.”Bicycle”, “Hat”, “Wedding” and other stories took me far  “Unilateral Love” dictated to me that the author did not take all this from the clouds, from the sky, and did not find it there, and the stories he presented to the reader, their heroes are somewhere in each of us. Look at this warm, thought-provoking and memorable stories.  I congratulate my friend for the stories he told …

 Yes, the book “The Great Address I am Proud of – Nakhchivan”, which I have reviewed for almost a while, was valuable to me as a gift from a friend and as a contribution of a writer.  In my turn, I once again wish the author good health and success.

Abülfat Madatoğlu

AdalAt” newspaper

Translator : Emin Gulmammadov

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