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The Jame Mosque

The Jame Mosque

The architectural monument in the Nakhchivan city. According to its architectural–constructive structure, the mosque is related to the XVIII century. The inscription written in Nastalig letters on the marble plate (87×57 cm) in Arabic and Persian consisting of the religious text at the beginning says that the Jafariyya mosque was restored by the initiative of Kheyrul-Haj Mahammad Jafar agha, the son of the late Haji Novruz from Nakhchivan in 1311 (1894). It also was stated in the inscription that the very Haji Jafar agha opened 2 shops to provide the needs of the mosque and the servants trying there.

Under “over the river” one understands the Bazar river one time passing the center of Nakhchivan, which was flowing from Northern-East to Southern-West and joining the Araz river. This river even was flowing in the center of Nakhchivan till the 60 years of the 20th century. In the 60th years the river was covered with the panel concrete plates and became unseen. The architect of the mosque introduced himself as: “If somebody will seek the architect of the mosque after me, I am called by the name of the Imam after the eighth Imam”. It is a fact that the eighth Imam of the Shiahs is Imam Rza and the ninth Imam is Mahammad Tagi. So, the name of the architect was Mahammad Tagi. The names of two popular craftsmen whose names were known in other sources, were included to the scientific circulation by means of the inscription. One of them is Mahammad Tagi, the architect of the mosque (also he engraved the text of the inscription on the marble plate) and another one is Mahammad Saleh who engraved the inscription. The total area of the mosque is about 1000 m2. The mosque is of one minaret. The minaret was damaged in 1918 by a gun fire, when Armenians committed genocide against the Azerbaijanis in Nakhchivan. Later, the minaret was restored. It was the only mosque that acted in Nakhchivan during the Soviet Power, in general, in the autonomous republic. In 2007-2008 the mosque was capitally restored and reconstructed.

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