Thursday , 17 September 2020

Nakhchivan\’s museum of literature

Nakhchivan's museum of literature

He museum was founded in 1966. It has 18674 exhibits. Precious manuscripts, applied and descriptive art samples, ancient and modern books, paper and maqazines, memorial things and other museum materials reflecting centuries-old Azerbaijan literature history are kept in its fund. Exhibition includes prominent members of classic and modern Azerbaijan literature, creativity of poets, writers and art critics brought up in Nakhchivan.
There are works of painting and sculpture in various jenres created by Azerbaijan brush masters documents delaying with Nakhchivan theatre history-posters, programs, spectacle, sketches, also photos reflecting prominent theatre masters creativity in the exhibition and fund. Jalilkand branch of the museum works in Sharur region. Here documents, photo materials and personal belongings of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, prominent Azerbaijan writer are exhibited.

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