Saturday , 8 May 2021

The medical herbs


Thyme (Thymus)
The suitable relief, specific soil-climate features, a lot of sunny days enabled to form a vegetable cover with rich flora of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It was identified that 2961 kinds of plum sporium included to 885 species and 171 families, also plants of bare sperm and flowering plants spread in the territory of the autonomous republic. It constitutes 65,8 % of the Azerbaijan flora kinds. There are 27 useful plant groups: forage, honey producing, food, tannic acid, paint importance, suitable for gardening and decoration fibrous, herb, ether oiled, glucosed, alchaloid, vitaminous, cosmetic and other plant groups exist in the area. Today there are about 750-800 medical plants used in medicine and folk medicine widely in the flora of the territory. 150 out of them were included to the State Pharmacopy in different years and are said to be official medical plants. There are a lot of medical plants of industrial importance and rich natural reserves in the region. They are: achiellea (millepolium), billy thyme, hyericum (perforatum), oriqanum (vulqare), helichrychum (plicaderom), chemnist agrimonialupatoria, high inulaholenim, leonurus cardica, equisetum arvense, medical fumaria, georgian rubjaedirica, simple rew, field mint and others.

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