Wednesday , 16 September 2020

The monograph on Nakhchivan\’s manuscript texts was published

In the monograph, Abu Bakr ibn Khosrov al-Ustad\’s book \”Munisname\”, \”Sahab al-Dumu\” by Haji Molla Mohammad Nakhchivani, \”Bloody Men\” by Mammad Said Ordubadi, \”Agaidi-philosophy\” by Aliqulu Mirzai Nakhchivani, \”Divani\” by Heyran Khanum, Jalil Mammadguluzade\’s various letters and the secret authors of \”Molla Nasreddin\” magazine, the manuscripts \”Nakhchivan sancağı\” kept in \”Ottoman archive\” of the Republic of Turkey and other works were analyzed by philology-texts.
Translator: Cimnara Shahbazova

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