Friday , 23 April 2021

The new outpatient clinic will serve both villagers and tourists – PHOTO

Development of healthcare is one of the main priorities of state policy in our country. In our Autonomous Republic, modern health infrastructure and staffing have significantly increased the level of medical services. These measures, which are an expression of the value given to the human factor, cover all settlements of the autonomous republic, as well as remote mountain villages. The new doctor’s dispensary being built in the tourist region of Agbulag will provide modern health care to tourists as well as villagers.
NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, a doctor’s dispensary was opened in Agbulag village on February 17.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov was interested in the organization of health care in the outpatient clinic.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said that the transformation of the paramedic-midwife station in the village into a doctor’s dispensary is due to the establishment of the Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone. Because hundreds of local and foreign tourists come here every day. This outpatient clinic was established to provide timely first aid and was provided with an ambulance. It was noted that the treatment of injured tourists with first aid is different. Therefore, the team must increase its knowledge in this area in order to provide the necessary services.
The deputy chief doctor of the outpatient clinic Afag Ramazanova thanked and said that a place was allocated for our activities in the village center during the complex construction activities in the village. However, the development of our village and its transformation into a major tourist area has expanded the scope of health services. The outpatient clinic opened today is equipped with modern medical equipment and comprehensive working conditions have been created for the staff. We will continue to try to protect the health of both villagers and tourists.
It was reported that the outpatient clinic has a cabin for the chief doctor, dentist, ward, midwife, manipulation, registration, technical staff rooms and a pharmacy. The health center is equipped with a dental unit, a drying cabinet, vaccination and ambulance bags, a microscope, a centrifuge and other medical equipment.
Then the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly presented the keys of the “Fiat-Doblo” model ambulance .
The building has an individual heating system.

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