Wednesday , 24 February 2021

The new village center prevents the loss of time of the population – PHOTO

The fact that government agencies operate in the same building is an expression of the value placed on good governance and the human factor.

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, a new village center was opened in Nusnus on February 5.
It was reported that the village center has a representative office, a municipality, a communication house, police and veterinary stations,
a library, a house of culture, a statistics room, the first territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, an archive and a 44-seat hall. The library has 8,062 books, of which 1,881 are in Latin and 6,181 in Cyrillic.

The chairman of the first territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, Aykhan Huseynli, thanked and said that the first territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party has 452 members, including 170 young people and 255 women.Party members take an active part in the public affairs of the village.

Special attention is paid to the organization of veterinary services in the village of Nusnus, regular veterinary observations are carried out, disinfection and disinsection measures are taken. Along with cattle breeding and cattle breeding,agriculture is also developed in the village.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly instructed to pay attention to artificial insemination.

A new generation ATS with a capacity of 512 numbers has been installed in the communication house. There are 425 telephones and 336 internet users in the village.

An individual heating system has been installed in the building, and the yard has been landscaped.

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