Tuesday , 11 May 2021

The present Armenia (West Azerbaijan)

There existed numerous historical and architectural monuments, caravanserais, mansions, mosques, mausoleums, cemeteries, sepulchres, tombstones etc. in the territory of the present Armenia which is the historically Azerbaijani land. The works of the travellers, art critics, archaeologists, artists convey information about the Khan Palace, mosques and caravanserais in the city of Irevan. According to official information, in the early 20th century there were 310 mosques each one of which was a remarkable piece of architecture in the territory of the Irevan province. After the establishment of the first Armenian state – the Republic of Armenia in the native Azerbaijani lands in 1918, the Armenians displayed belligerent attitude towards the cultural heritage belonging to Azerbaijanis, and wiped them out. All the historical monuments of the Irevan fortress, as well as, Khan Palace and grandiose Sardar (Abbas Mirza) mosque were razed to the ground. Today only two historical and architectural monuments belonging to Azerbaijanis – the Blue Mosque in Irevan city which is presented by Armenians as “Persian mosque” and Amir Saad tomb presented as “Turkmen monument” remained safe. By the resolution of the Armenian government it was decided not to protect the Azerbaijanis’ cemeteries because “of no importance” of them. Armenian vandals destroy all the Azerbaijani cemeteries indiscriminately.
Armenian vandals removed the traces of the Azerbaijanis in their historical native lands, besides they committed genocide against the toponyms specific to Azerbaijanis. The names of the 703 residential settlements formerly populated by Azerbaijanis were renamed Armenian names in monoethnic Armenian state.
Armenians introduce themselves to the world as “an ancient nation”, “civilized nation”, but in point of fact they demonstrate barbarism and vandalism against the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijanis.

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