Thursday , 15 April 2021

The processes that will take place will bring Pashinyan’s defeat closer

In the pre-election period almost, Corona epidemic for the Armenian government, which has problems in all areas, was a litmus test of “all luxury and misery” in the words of a pro-government nomad and Pashinyan Balzak, if we put it mildly. The article,  published in an Armenian publication states that, deplorable personnel situation, incomprehensible economic policy, ignorance of  ministries and ministers one another, in a word, The almost chaotic situation within the government today was an attempt as provide public support with an army of “paid fakes” to cover the smoke in the factories.

“It can be said that the pandemic has accelerated the release of all this miserable smell of congestion into the air. It is no coincidence that from time to time in the press, even embassies or superpowers and other countries interested in the political life of Armenia and this government conduct their own polls and are concerned about the results, publishes material that realizes that Pashinyan did not do what he said, figurative sense show that they no longer have a rating of “girl’s time”. They understand that those within the government there is a significant drop in ratings. Of course, they understand that one day the ship of the Pashinyan will sink, and they must be able to find the “lands” which they can jump from the sinking ship in order to escape at the right moment.” Said the author so.

According to the author there is no point in drowning with Pashinyan. During this period, the hidden cracks in the team are already deepening, and many members of the ruling pyramid are trying to find their place in the next stage of regulation and stay afloat in order to survive. This in itself causes despair and panic, and even if it is not expressed, it still affects everything. Of course Pashinyan also understands all of these. Moreover, it turned out that he had even been informed about it. İt could not have been otherwise, as after the events surrounding Vanetsyan and Osipyan, Pasinyan lost the trust of his teammates in the first round and even ordered the establishment of controls and special folders, according to media reports. İt is said that this control has been further strengthened. After all, Pasinyan understands that in the conditions of a parliamentary republic, the collapse of the team can lead to his failure. During the pandemic, maybe unthinkable way, political steps may not be taken, but it is possible that once the virus is eradicated, it will certainly try to polish if it succeeds, because after overcoming the pandemic, we will live in another world and Armenia. The processes will take place will bring Pashinyan’s defeat closer” said the author.

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