Sunday , 9 May 2021


The first public health department was established in October, 1920 in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Later, the public health department was changed to the public health commissariat. One of the first medical institutions – the doctor’s station in the city of Ordubad and medical doctor’s assistant stations were opened in Channab, Julfa, Abragunus, Givrag and Jalilkand in 1920-1924.

The Ministry of Public Health was established in 1924, in the autonomous republic.
Today 2 hospitals of 2799 beds, the Diagnostic-Treatment Center, 72 out-patients’ clinics, 1 First–Aid Medical Center, 7 first–aid departments, the Court Medical Expert and Pathology Anatomy Union, the Nakhchivan city Infants House, 9 Hygiene and Center of Epidemiologies, 74 chemist’s shops and chemist’s shop stations act in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
he opening ceremonies of the Nakhchivan Diagnostic Treatment Center (21 December 2006), the Rock–Salt Phiziotherapy Center (4 June 2006), the Central hospitals of Sharur (15 October 2007) and Julfa (3 June 2008) regions were held with the participitation of Mr.Today per 10 thousand persons there are 72,8 beds of hospital of the population of the autonomous republic. At present 739 doctors, 2794 middle medical personals work in the public health institutions of the autonomous republic. The average number of doctors per 10 thousand persons is 19,2 doctors and 72,7 middle medical personals.

Raising medical service to the modern standards level, putting new medical centres into service for the purpose of reliable health provision of citizens has become one of the components of the social policy carried out in the Autonomous Republic. In 2015 Nakhchivan Republic Hospital, Infectious Diseases Centre, doctor ambulatories in the village Jalilkend of the Sharur region and in the village Tivi of the Ordubad region, assistant-midwife points in the Babek settlement, in the villages Kurkend, Kurchulu, Yukhari Yayji, Akhamed of the Sharur region, in the village Khal-khal of the Babek region, in the village Gilanchay of the Ordubad region, and in the villages Gal and Gizilja of the Julfa region were put into service Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.