Wednesday , 12 May 2021

The Qazanchı Tower

The Qazanchı Tower- is a historical archaeological monument, refers to begining to the 3-1th millennium bc, in the north from Qazanchı village of Julfa district, on both sides of Alinca river. The tower is connected with the name of old Kas turkish, who settled largely in the territory of Azerbaijan, in the third millennium bc. The Tower had been exploded by the armenian engineers, under the name of dam construction in 1985. The left and right bank\’s part of the tower are separated from each other with the deep valley, consisted of cliffs. The tower consists of the multi-stage magnificent defense system. There are transition roads among the obstacles. Probably, Qazanchı Tower had been the center of major tribal unity, who lived in the valley of Alinca river, at the begining of the second millennium.The surface materials, collected from the Qazanchı Tower consists of examples of dan\’s stones, gray and pink clay dishes (pitcher, bowl and cholmak typed dishes etc). The finds are preserved in the museum of Historical Etnography of Julfa district. The Qazanchı Tower is also related with the name of Qazan khan, main character of the epos \”Kitabi-Dada Qorqud\”
Translator: Gulvira Mustafayeva

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