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The success of a 19 years old boy

Succes is what people want to get immediately with no pain. But to be realistic, it\’s not as easy as it\’s wanted or thought. Then, what\’s the formula of success that we give a try over and over to get it, in our lifetime? Long story short, let me tell you what is the formula: *Pain + Obstinacy (to get what we want from life) + Will + Resoluteness + Ambition (literally)*. Once you put them all together, then success will knock your door by itself.
While success hits on some people at 50 and some earlier. Such as, at 17.
Dear readers, l\’m gonna let you meet our 19-year-old young fellow who has achieved success at 17.
– Hi, Ali!
– Hi.
– lt seems, it\’s your first interview. As l can already now feel your excitement.
– Yes, you\’re right.
– l want you to introduce yourself closely. Possible?
– Sure. With pleasure.
-Ali lbrahimov-l\’m 19. I was born in Nakhchivan city. I\’ve started my education in school number 705 in 2003. And l\’ve graduated from Kahab village school in 2014. Then l matriculated to Nakhchivan State University, Law Faculty. Now l study there in third course.
We\’ve founded our website \”\” in 2015, November. Although, we\’re newbie at it, our site has become one of the most rated health websites in South Caucasus.
Additionally, my texts are published on health website-\”\” which has been created in 2016, November.
Besides, l take part in different social projects. And l succesfully participated in Model UN Simulation Projects which have been held by Sport and Youth Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic and Head Office of UN in Azerbaijan, in 2016 May&August.

The success of a 19 years old boy

– How did you decide to create a website?
– lndeed, l was interested in this area from the ground up. I used to always want to create one. Afterwards, when l saw new created websites, l asked myself \”What am l waiting for?\” and hereby l started. I was supported financially by my father and morally by experienced/successful people. And now l think, l went through and made it! Because, which l\’ve created is on Top 5 in the rating list in Azerbaijan amoung health websites. Nonetheless, it is one of the most rated health website in South Caucasus.
– Why not other fields, but health?
– I decided to make a health website to help people and make them benefit from it. Besides, l watched out that there\’s no any health website which people can profit extensively in this sector.
– And how about your medical erudition? Or, are there people with medical knowledge to help you on this site?
– l don\’t have medical knowledge. But all the same, my grandfather has been a doctor and his books have become our \’always-on-table\’ book (l\’m not mistaken if l call it so), because of my father\’s going to them frequently. Maybe this is the reason of my curiosity to this field. Even, l remember well that sometime l used to want to be a doctor. But that was temporary ambition. In one word, the love of being a lawyer has drawn me off from being a doctor.

The success of a 19 years old boy

Today, though l don\’t have medical education, the information posted in are based on precise sources. I translate and share information which l get from books or foreign sites with our readers. According to me, our readers are satisfied with information. As we get messages like \”We used, tested and it affected well!\”, \”Thank you so much!\”, \”I appreciate!\” from our inbox. Naturally, these cases gladden us.
– To me, we can guess their satisfaction from the number of your visitors. Right?
– Right. This number becomes about 35-40.000 visitors in a day. Sometimes lt mounts up to 60.000.
– At present, how many people does your team consist of?
– 3 people. Me, my sister and our young girlfriend.
– ls this site your source of earning as well? Subsequently, your audience isn\’t little.
– Certainly. But we invested our first annual income to our site. Presently, yes, this is our source. Approximately, we can earn 10-20$ per day.
– At the end of our conversation, what would be your advice to people who are interested and want to get success in this field as least as much as you?
– Take a risk! If they have self-confidence, let them never step back! Let them take advice from experienced people in this field.

Interviewer: Hacar Guliyeva
Translator: Selcan Ahmad

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