Tuesday , 11 May 2021



The architectural monument in the city of Nakhchivan. This monument situated in the street of Sheykh Mahammad Khiyabani is also called as Atababa tomb or Atababa dome by people. The tomb of more than 8 centuries was restored in the middle of the 20 century. As a result of restoration works the destroyed parts of the tomb were restored and engineering installations were enforced. The monument consists, of the underground vault and overground towerformed part. In plan the overground of the monument is octagonial both inside and outside. The thickness of the walls is 80 cm. We see the only example of the double dome structure in the tomb being very great, saving its initial form and reaching to our time. It is the result of mastery engineering that Usif Kuseyir oglu tomb is the only tomb having upper pyramidal cover and remaining understroyed during 800 years among the towerformed tombs in Azerbaijan. The inscription on the tomb predicts that, “This tomb belongs to Usif Kuseyir oglu, leader of sheikhs, beautiness of Islam, intellect of religion, distinguished chief and khaja”. The very inscription also predicts that the tomb was built in 557 by Hijri calendar, month of shavval (christianity 1162). But in the inscription to the left of the main façade the name of an architect “Deed of Ajami Abubakr oglu Nakhchivani, builder” was stated. Underground part of the tomb consists of a vault, but overground part of a memorial tower. In the middle of the vault dome a special ventilation space in a sylindric form was arranged to defend from dampness. For its composition, tecthonic clearness, proportionality of parts, level of engineering structure the tomb is a very advanced artistic-architectural example.

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