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In the development of economy, along with the role of the main production areas, infrastructure improvement has a significant importance. From this point of view the development of transport sector has a great role in the Autonomous Republic that has lived in the blockade for a long time. Mainly automobile, air and railway transport services are used here.

Automobile transport is a main type of transport used in passenger and cargo transportation inside the Autonomous Republic. Most villages and district centers of the Autonomous Republic has been provided with bus route buses.


The strengthening ties with neighboring countries; the role of the automobile transport is great in passenger and cargo transportation. So that according to the contracts signed with the firms “Iqdirli Tourism” and “Can Iqdir” of Turkish Republic, passenger transportation service in use to Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir and other big cities of Turkey. The conracts with “Didari Seyri Giti” and “ Nil Cesmi Qostar” transport companies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been signed for transportation of passengers to Nakhchivan-Tabriz-Tehran,Nakhchivan-Urmiya and in the opposite directions.


Nakhchivan-Baku-Nakhchivan bus routes have been running regularly through the territory of Iran in order to facilitate traffic with the main land of Azerbaijan since the end of 2007.

The development of automobile transport mainly depends on the state of existing roads. Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Automobile Roads State Company controls 1473 kilometers automobile roads. 274 kilometers of these roads are of republic , 1199 kilometers are of local significance. Measures carried out in the direction of adjusting automobile roads to the international standards continue.

The transport connections between Nakhchivan and other countries except Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran is possible with the air transport for being in the blockade .

Nakhchivan International Airport that was given to service in 2004 was built in compliance with the latest standards. At present, from this airport the airplanes fly to Baku and Ganja cities of Azerbaijan from this airport. At the same time international passenger transport services have been provided through with the aircrafts flying in the directions of Nakhchivan- Moscow, Baku-Nakhchivan-Istanbul and in the opposite direction.


Railway transport plays an important role in the Autonomous Republic. Along the Aras River, 190 km Baki-Yerevan railway line passes through the territory of the Autonomous Republic. From the part that passes through the territory of Julfa this railway line is separated into a branch in the direction of the city of Tabriz of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Result of aggressive policy of Armenia the railway line that connects the Autonomous Republic with Azerbaijan has completely been cut off since the beginning of 1992.

Today the internal passenger transportation is served in the direction of Nakhchivan-SHARUR and Nakhchivan-Ordubad.

Besides, the contract was signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran for freight and passenger tranportation in the direction of Nakhchivan-Tabriz and in the opposite direction.


Compared to 1995, the cargo transportation increased 25.4 times and the passenger transportation increased 4.3 times in the transport sector of the Autonomous Republic in 2016.

In 2016 new asphalt roads with the length of 61, 5 kilometres and a pedestrian crossing were built and given to service in the Nakhchivan city regarding the traffic infrastructure in the level of modern requirements in the Autonomous Republic. In order to raise service level and to ensure comfort 7 buses were bought and given to service for the internal passenger transportation and 2 buses for the international passenger transportation. After the reconstruction works at Nakhchivan International Airport “ East Terminal”, and the buildings for the ticket offices in Sharur and Ordubad were given to service of the passengers.

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