Monday , 10 May 2021

The Water Festival will celebrate in Nakchivan tomorrow

The first station of Baku Islamic Solidarity Games which will be held in our country and start from the Caspian is Autonomous Republic.Naxcivan :reports that during the journey planned the visiting 15 historical cities and water sources and het over the distance more than 3000km.In this way the \”Water Festival\” and the \”Water ceremony\”which will be held at evening hours hosted by our 15 region. The Water Festival which will be held at the evening hours is considered as public ceremony that\’s why everybody can come here and enjoy it.At the festivals would be the performances of local singers and the world famous dancing group \”Mirvari\”,amazinh laser show and at last woul be the wonderful fireworks.Remind that before the first Europian Games Baku 2015 for giving the game atmosphere and game thrill to the people organised the \”Flame Festival\”.But this time to grant to people not Flame element but ,the Water element the freshness and clearness of Islamic Games.Note that after 37 day from the first presentable ceremony the journey be finished in Baku Olympic stadium.The water which collect from all region will bring to Baku in 12 may and be symbolise the greeting of the participators which take plase at Islamic Games and would be considered the main part of Grand Opening.
This ceremony is very important for calling the Islam countries to friendship and brotherhood which capital will be our motherland Nakchivan in 2018.
Author :Emil Samadov
Translator:Rzayeva Narmin

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