Tuesday , 11 May 2021

There is a professional bankruptcy in the state system of Armenia”- Armenian political scientist

“Facial expressions of communism in Armenia” When property is concentrated in one place, the people are divided, and when property is divided among some people, the people are concentrated.

NakhchivanToday.com reports with reference to the Armenian Kiv’s that this stated by Armenian political scientist Setohan Danielyan.

He said that it is difficult to understand the worldview of the Armenian revolution because the thesis of value has not been announced, but it is important to understand how the crowd that welcomed the revolution understood it and what their expectations are.

“This is a mental work that has not been done in Armenia.  A revolution without ideology and ideologues remained unfounded and undisclosed.  We will probably see the results in the near future.  There is donation and professional bankruptcy in the state system” Danielyan stated.

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