Tuesday , 1 December 2020

Turkish TV channels covered the trainings in Nakhchivan-Video

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that the training conducted by the Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces in Nakhchivan was widely covered on the TV channels of the brother country. Popular channels such as STAR TV, KHABER GLOBAL, TGRT news, TRT news, Anadolu Agency, CNN Turk, ATV, SHOW TV reported that the training in Nakhchivan moved the South Caucasus.

It should be noted that The Azerbaijani soldier, who joined forces with the Turkish army, destroyed conventional enemy targets by shoulder to shoulder in the exercise that covered more than 2.600 soldiers and 200 tanks and other armoured vehicles,18 fighter aircrafts ,helicopters ,unmanned aerial aircrafts, more than 30 air defence equipment and around 320 automotive technology  .

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