Wednesday , 3 March 2021

Urud monuments complex-Photo

Urud tower is historical Turkish tower located nearby Urud village. Tower located on high cliff rock surrounded on 3 sides by deep streams of Bazarcay and on 1 side by wall. Among native Azerbaijanian people there are thoughts on a secret way from tower to the river. Down the Tower – rock reminders of about half long life habitations seem. Urud Towers name was mentioned on sources with 450th year’s events. Tower was conquered by Selcuqs in 1104, by Amir Teymur in 1386, by Qara Yusif in 1407. In 03.07.1968 Armenians changed Urud village’s name to Vorotan, and Urud tower’s name to Vorotanberd. With this by 1988 in Urud village only Azerbaijanian Turkish lived. First settling of armenians in this village happened after Western Azerbaijanian Turkish genocide in 1988.The most important part of Monuments complex is middle age Azerbaijan cemetery nearby Urud village. In Cemetery artistic grave stones, crates on graves and ram statues were put. In Cemetery 13 crate, 4 ram statue grave stones were recorded.

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