Wednesday , 21 April 2021

Uzunoba reservoir beach

As we know, one of the features of the autonomous republic, which has a colorful climate and rich nature, is hot weather in the summer season. In order to ensure a more effective rest of the population, various projects are carried out in the autonomous republic. In this respect, recently created beaches are very important. The length of the sandy coastline of the Nakhchivan City Beach created in the reservoir of Uzunoba is 280 m. The beach for adults and kids has two parts. The depth of area for adults’ swimming is 4m. There is prohibiting engagement on the water which warns about the border of beach.
Good conditions are created in the area of the beach. The beach is equipped with observation towers, cabins for changing clothes, bath cabins, football and volleyball pitches, park stations. In the administrative building of beach, there is a work room, café, kitchen, warehouse, and a shop. There are 3 pavilions of 20 m2 and a platform with the length of 15 m on the reservoirs. For being engaged in water sports, water bicycles and motorcycles are put. Lifeboats work at the beach. Created conditions are favorable for the tourists and the local population.

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