Monday , 21 June 2021

Zakhra Wind

Zakhra Wind

Human death is just a statistic for the world, policy and people. Nobody cares the religion, race, language, sex, etnicity, age of deceased people. But I can say on behalf of all Azerbaijan people, we are deeply concerned about each person we lost. Both politically and socially we always keep our martyrs and innocent people who have been victims of the Armenian terrorists in the center of our attention.

As it is known 4 July about at 08:00 pm Armenian armed forces sabotaged against Azerbaijan for the next time pounding the civil people and places of the Alkhanli village, Fizuli region from bullets and mortars from the occupied territorries of Azerbaijan to massacre people and exterminate their property. As a result Alkhanli village habitants Sahiba Allahverdiyeva (1966) and her granddaughter Zakhra Guliyeva (2016) were killed.

That’s right, it is not our first wound. This is the same with Khojali events by damned enemies-armenians. Dominant organisations of the world ignored their vandalism. This factor caused the enemies to act comfortably.

Despite 25 years passes from 1992 we are enemies with a commune that preserving their vandalism. They can only be called like “commun”, they don’t deserve the name of “community” or “people”. A person can kill a twenty-month-old baby can not be a soldier, they are terorrists. When they commited this murder they believed that they would not be punished as usual. But Azerbaijan is not a weak state. Today Azerbaijan, possesses the strongest army in the Caucasus, is more and more stronger than enemies. Ongoing events prove that our enemies are only able to kill a twenty-month-old little child.

How to take revenge on our enemies? Now this matter intrigues us. But we know well what we have to do. We’ll burn enemies with “Zakhra Wind”, when we begin our struggle it will be late for the world community to interrupt us. We’ll show all our power to armenian vandals.

The author: Nihat Huseynzadeh
Translated by Zakhra Bagirova

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