Saturday , 8 May 2021

Zal khan Mosque. City of Irevan

One of the mosques in the Old City area situated between Irevan fortress and Tepebashi was called Sheher (city) or Zal khan mosque. There was an inscription in the Arabic alphabet in Azerbaijani language bearing the date of construction of the mosque in Hegira 1098, that is 1687 AD. That mosque was built after the earthquake in 1679. Zal khan, the ruler of the Irevan province at that time made great efforts for restoration of the city buildings. One of the mosques constructed in his reign was named Zal khan or Sheher mosque. Zal khan mosque which resembled Blue mosque in appearance had also a courtyard and a cool garden to relax in. According to the researches, Zal khan or Sheher mosque was situated in Irevan city center, in present-day Republic Square. The big hall of Sheher mosque was demolished in 1928 and hotel “Yerevan” was built instead. After reconstruction in 1999 that hotel was renamed “Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan”. The purpose of madrasa of the two-storeyed Zal khan mosque with a number of cells was changed after the World War II. At the present time the exhibition hall of the Artists’ House is located there.

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