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Zangazur corridor opens new stage in development of the Autonomous Republic – ANALYSIS

President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to any region serves to develop the area and open additional doors for the future prospects of the region. One of such visits of the head of state took place on May 10 in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. As always, President Ilham Aliyev attended many important inaugurations.

The head of state first attended the presentation of the new runway of Nakhchivan International Airport, and then inaugurated the military airfield of the Special Forces. This was not accidental. The new military airfield of the Nakhchivan Special Forces and other infrastructures showed that a very strong military-economic force was standing on the other side of the Zangazur corridor. With this opening, President Ilham Aliyev demonstrated with unparalleled skill the presence of two great forces at both ends of the Zangazur corridor.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief also visited the graves of the martyrs of the Great Patriotic War. As you know, as soon as the Patriotic War began, the heroic sons of Nakhchivan also fought in the holy war for the liberation of our lands and gave martyrs. Special forces of the Special General Army in Nakhchivan completed their victory in Shusha and showed exceptional heroism in ensuring a brilliant victory of the “iron fist”.

This was an example of love for the Motherland, and it was this love that heroically overcame all obstacles. Thanks to the bravery of our army, the Patriotic War became the brightest victory in the history of Azerbaijan, and in this war we united as one nation, our brave sons gave their lives for a single national idea. Although our people gave martyrs, they did not lose heart, our solidarity and love for the Motherland prevailed in the example of the Great Victory.

During the visit, the head of state also got acquainted with the construction of the ASAN Service Center in Nakhchivan. Meanwhile, there are currently 20 “ASAN service” centers in the country. 5 of them are in Baku and the rest in the regions.

President Ilham Aliyev also inaugurated the Nakhchivan branch of Azerkhalcha Open Joint-Stock Company, Nakhchivan Garrison Central Hospital, Artificial Insemination Center, Julfa-Ordubad highway and the project “Reconstruction of drinking water supply and sewerage systems in the center and surrounding villages of Ordubad region.” He also got acquainted with the construction of Ordubad Hydroelectric Power Station.

It was not accidental that the head of state got acquainted with the reconstruction work carried out at the Ordubad railway station during the visit. Therefore, we would like to dwell on this issue. As you know, the President of Azerbaijan gave an interview to Azerbaijani Television on May 10 during his visit to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In that interview, the head of state gave more firm messages to some international addresses that the conflict has already been resolved. Ilham Aliyev opened a new strategic quality of the November 10 document for the first time in Nakhchivan. It was reiterated that the November 10 document is not only a document of reconciliation, but also a resolution of the conflict in a broader sense. Our President demonstrated with serious confidence that Nakhchivan’s exit from the blockade will be achieved at any cost. In particular, the rise of Nakhchivan’s development and strength indicators is not accidental.

The President’s statements on the great economic and social development of Nakhchivan and the high condition of the road and railway to Ordubad show that there will be no concessions on the Zangazur corridor. It was demonstrated to the whole world that two important parts of the Zangazur corridor from Horadiz to Agbend and from Mehri to Nakhchivan have already been prepared and prepared by the President of Azerbaijan. The preparation of the remaining 40 kilometers of the corridor for the operation of the corridor is clearly the responsibility of Armenia.

Undoubtedly, the President’s visit to Nakhchivan showed that the Zangazur corridor would open a new stage in the development of Nakhchivan.

Let’s pay attention to an excerpt from the President’s interview with Azerbaijan Television during the visit: “I did not come to see the Ordubad railway station by chance. Because it also has a great symbolic meaning. I recently visited the railway station destroyed by Armenians in Minjivan settlement, about 50-60 kilometers away. There is no railway there. The hated enemy destroyed and looted all the railway infrastructure. There will be a center, there will be a center. It is only the 40-kilometer Zangazur corridor that separates Zangilan from Nakhchivan, which must and will be opened.

As you know, this was stated in the joint statement of November 10. Since then, very serious steps have been taken on this issue at the meetings of the working group at the level of Deputy Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia. I can say with confidence that the railway corridor will be opened. Let no one doubt it. Of course, Azerbaijan will fulfill its responsibilities. As you know, I laid the foundation stone of the Horadiz-Agband railway. The missing 15-16 km section will be built here, from Ordubad to the Armenian border. The Nakhchivan railway operates, and now both passenger and freight transportation is carried out. That is, after the construction of the Horadiz-Agband railway in Azerbaijan, all the infrastructure will be created.

The President of Azerbaijan also clarified the fate of the part in the territory of Armenia. He said that there is no concept of railways in Armenia. Russian railways own all Armenian railways. So, the Armenian railways belong to him: “That is why we are discussing this issue with the Russian side. Our next historical achievement will be to connect Zangilan, located in the Eastern Zangazur region, with our ancient land, Western Zangazur, and then with Nakhchivan and Turkey through Ordubad. I’m sure it will, I have no doubt. I want to say again that Azerbaijan will fulfill its responsibilities and do its best to ensure that there are no problems in the implementation of this project. “

It is obvious that Azerbaijan is doing its best to put the Zangilan corridor into operation as soon as possible. Fortunately, Russia, which dominates Armenia’s railways, agrees with Azerbaijan on this issue. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the Zangazur corridor, also known as the Nakhchivan corridor, will be commissioned soon. Thus, this corridor will give a new impetus to the economic development of the region, including Armenia.

Thus, the visit of President Ilham Aliyev to the regions on the example of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic serves the highest goals, such as the renewal and modernization of the regions, society in general, the development of various areas, improving the welfare of the population. All this gives confidence that Azerbaijan will continue to maintain a rapid pace of development.

Alper Ziya

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