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The age of this musical instrument is at least 3 thousand years. The zurna, considered the wind musical instrument pleased by the Azerbaijani people and is said to be the instrument to their taste, is met in the “Kitabi-Dada-Gorgud” eposes. In the heroic epos “Koroghlu” of the Azerbaijani people, there is information about zurna. The name of zurna – sur musical instrument was also mentioned in the works of Nizami Ganjavi, the Azerbaijan poet of the XII century.

It becomes clear from the ethnographic observations that it is impossible to imagine the traditional weddings of the Azerbaijani people without zurna. Zurna wind musical instrument prepared from different materials in different periods, later mainly was prepared from mulberry, nut, and apricot trees and improved. The national musical instrument zurna of clear and loud voice is also named “gara-zurna” (black zurna) by people. Very likely, the word “gara” (black) has relation with the black color bull or ox horn that before the zourna was prepared from them. Usually on the surface of the zurna, prepared from the quince, pear, nut, and apricot trees, there are 7 holes, but under part one hole. The zurna of 23-3 cm of length is narrow in the above part, but the diameter at the foot part is large in comparison. A billow is placed to the top of the zurna. The billow is fastened a round form bone reel. Sometimes the professional zurna players decorate the surface of their zurna with designs in order to be seen attractive.

Today in Ordubad, Julfa, Sharur, Shahbuz, Babak, Kangarli, Sadarak regions of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the villages and settlements they cover, the zurna is used in their weddings as well as it was in the old period. The most interesting point is that a group of zourna players of 3 persons give pleasure to the people with their attractive melody.

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